9 de juny 2009


Frucade is a soft drink created in 1953 in Rosenheim, Bavaria by Adalbert Conrad and Karl Grün. It is a carbonated orange drink, with a slight taste of exotic fruits.

I didn’t know anything about it and I never drank it until last week, when I was in Wien. I love it! I really like it! It tastes really good, and it's not only orange, it's different but I think it's better than Fanta. And the bottle is great! They don't make bottles like this nowadays here.

I don’t know if I can find it in Barcelona, but it was the only thing I ordered to drink in Wien. I'll investigate! But... I miss Frucade!

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  1. No me suena de nada esa marca de refresco, pero tiene razón, ¡¡la botella mola un puñao!!